Facing Your Fears

Starts September 17th until December 3rd, 2024 (12 weeks).

Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 pm (a parent/caregiver participation is required for part of each session; time to be confirmed)

Fee $1800

What is Facing Your Fears?

Facing Your Fears (FYF) is a group intervention program for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or anxiety who need assistance managing anxiety symptoms that interfere with daily life. FYF uses a cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) approach for the reduction of anxiety symptoms and management of worries and phobias.

Why is this useful?

  • FYF addresses specific fears and worries that interfere with daily life at home and school
  • Regular parent involvement for part of each session ensures progress and support for participants
  • Teaches children important skills for managing fears and worries

Who can participate?

Children and youth ages 7-14 and their caregivers can participate in FYF. Children should have intellectual functioning within the average range, read at a Grade 2 level, and have an anxiety or ASD diagnosis.

An intake interview will be scheduled prior to the program to ensure suitability of participants and to review expectations.

Services provided by a clinical team of a Psychologist and Registered Behaviour Analyst (RBA).

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Dalton Associates (DA) and Launch Behavioural Health acknowledge that we are situated on Turtle Island, that has been inhabited by Indigenous Peoples from the beginning. As a settler-owned organization, we are always working on de-colonizing our practices and offering mental health services that reflect a wholistic approach to health and wellness. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, and include First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. We want to do more than make a difference at an individual level: we aspire to support a societal shift in the way that mental health is addressed and cared for, and we believe that a cross-cultural approach, bringing Indigenous worldviews to the forefront, is necessary to help break the system and rebuild it in a way that promotes healthy wellbeing for future generations. We are actively engaged in changing the landscape of mental health care in Ontario, by augmenting (and compensating) the voices and experiences of Indigenous knowledge keepers, and by incorporating Indigenous values and teachings in our program models.