Parent Coaching

This Service is Currently Offered

The Parent Coaching program is best suited for families who are looking to address specific goals at home or in the community. Our clinical team will train parents/caregivers to implement specific interventions based on their goals and assessment results. Parent Coaching is generally short term for 1-2 hours per week.


Goals could include, but are not limited to, working on self-help skills (e.g., independent dressing), behaviour reduction (e.g., reducing challenging behaviours using function-based strategies), play skills (e.g., increasing independent play during free time) or social skills (e.g., initiating and sustaining interactions with peers).

What We Offer:

  • Individualized treatment goals and recommendations.
  • Flexibility in service intensity and session times.
  • Training from a Senior Therapist who will explain, model, and monitor recommended strategies with parents and their children/youth.

Commitment From Parents:

  • Active participation
  • Consistent implementation of the recommended strategies
  • Data collection to monitor progress
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