Parent Coaching

The Parent Coaching program is best suited for families who are looking to address specific goals at home or in the community. Our clinical team will train parents/caregivers to implement specific interventions based on their goals and assessment results. Parent Coaching is generally short term for 1-2 hours per week.


Goals could include, but are not limited to, working on self-help skills (e.g., independent dressing), behaviour reduction (e.g., reducing challenging behaviours using function-based strategies), play skills (e.g., increasing independent play during free time) or social skills (e.g., initiating and sustaining interactions with peers).

What We Offer:

  • Individualized treatment goals and recommendations.
  • Flexibility in service intensity and session times.
  • Training from a Senior Therapist who will explain, model, and monitor recommended strategies with parents and their children/youth.

Commitment From Parents:

  • Active participation
  • Consistent implementation of the recommended strategies
  • Data collection to monitor progress
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