Ready, Set, Sleep

Our goal is to support parents in sleep training their child and increasing the consistency in sleeping patterns using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles. A Senior Therapist will help parents outline their child’s sleep challenges and recommend a course of treatment.


The Sleep Training program is best suited for typically developing children who are experiencing inconsistent sleep patterns.

What We Offer:

  • 1-2 hour intake meeting
  • 1 hour information session to outline the treatment and rationale
  • 2 consecutive sessions at bedtime to model and observe the treatment implemented by parents
  • Follow up meetings at 1 and 3 months following implementation
  • Individualized treatment recommendations based on your child’s sleeping history and challenges
  • Training from a Senior Therapist who will explain, model, and monitor recommended strategies with parents and their children.
  • Program supervision from a Registered Psychologist

Commitment From Parents:

  • Implementation and adherence to the sleep protocol
  • Data collection to monitor progress
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