Specialized Consultation and Training

We offer a wide range of specialized consultation services to professionals and organizations. Consultations are specifically tailored to your identified goals. If you are currently receiving ABA services, we will consult directly with your team to assist in program development.


We also provide staff training and ongoing support for ABA professionals. We complete an initial needs assessment to determine your areas of strength and need, and develop a training approach specific to your goals.


Our team of expert behaviour analysts and psychologists offers consultation and training in the following areas:

Organizational Behaviour Management

  • Organizational Behaviour Management (OBM) within treatment programs for Autism
  • Leadership/Performance Management
  • Supervision skills for behaviour analysts

Group/Academic Programming

  • Development of group programming for children with Autism and other disabilities
  • Applications of ABA in group and classroom settings
  • Observational learning
  • Direct Instruction
  • Classroom-based instruction, curriculum development, and the CABAS system


  • Expanding communication using Verbal Behaviour and Relational Frame Theory (RFT)
  • Identification and establishment of verbal behaviour developmental cusps

Challenging Behaviours

  • Functional analysis and treatment of challenging behaviours

Mental Health

  • Autism and Anxiety
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with children and adolescents with Autism and/or Intellectual Disabilities

Self-Help/Activities of Daily Living

  • Toilet training
  • Teaching functional living skills to youth

Play and Social Skills

  • Social skills development for advanced learners
  • Teaching play and social skills
  • Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Curriculum Development

  • Curriculum development for focused and comprehensive ABA programs

Mediator Training

  • Parent coaching
  • Behavioural Skills Training (BST)
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