Speech and Language Services

A registered Speech-Language Pathologist completes an initial evaluation of your child’s strengths and needs. Based on the assessment results, your child will receive an individualized treatment plan and comprehensive therapy services will occur within the clinic. Services include individualized treatment plans and materials selection, therapy with a qualified clinician, motivating and engaging activities to optimize success, parent training, home practice, and collaboration with other professionals. Our clinicians work closely with your child’s specialists, teachers, and caregivers in order to provide a consistent learning environment and a cohesive treatment approach. Parents receive training in order to transfer gains into the home environment.


Various Communication Disorders are treated, including Articulation Disorders, Motor-Speech Disorders, Apraxia, Language Disorders, Autism, and Developmental Delay. In addition, we work with children in the areas of listening skills, attention and focus, behaviour and sensory differences, anxiety (e.g. Selective Mutism), and literacy (include reading comprehension, narrative skills, and phonological awareness).


Offering in-home sessions in the Greater Toronto Area. 

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