When you join our team, you are joining an organization who is dedicated to transforming the lives of children and youth through the delivery of individualized, evidence-based services. We value family-centered care, evidence-based practices, collaboration and high quality services.

We are looking for team members who are creative, enthusiastic, dedicated, reliable, who enjoys helping children and youth reach their potential, who work well in a team setting, and who have strong interpersonal skills across all positions.

We strive to maintain a supportive and positive work environment by offering the following to our employees:

  • Regular supervision from experienced BCBAs, BCBA-Ds, and Clinical Psychologists.
  • Use of Organizational Behaviour Management (OBM) principles in our employee training and mentoring program.
  • The possibility for BACB supervision for employees seeking certification.
  • Participation in in house continuing education opportunities, including journal reading groups and workshops.
  • Electronic data collection and records management system
  • Opportunities for advancement and growth within the organization.

Current Openings


We believe that including students in observation and hands on practice is an essential part of their learning process.  We are pleased to accept applications from students in ABA programs at the college, Bachelor’s and Master’s level. We also offer a psychological internship program for Master’s and Doctoral level psychology students through Dalton Associates.

Please contact us for more information on current student placement opportunities.

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